Emergency Lighting Installation and Testing

Landlords that operate a House of Multiple Occupants (HMO) must provide adequate emergency lighting to help occupants escape from the building in the event of a fire. The emergency lighting is turned on when a smoke alarm is activated and guides tenants to the stairs and out of the building to safety.

Estuary Technical Solutions can install your emergency lighting system and ensure that it works effectively when there is a loss of power or a failure of the lighting system. We will also make sure each light fitting in the emergency lighting system is operational and will remain so for three hours should they ever become isolated from mains electricity.

If the emergency lights do not work correctly this could result in injury or death for which the landlord would be liable and could potentially end up in criminal court facing very serious charges.

Estuary Technical Solutions can also carry out the testing and maintenance of an existing emergency lighting system and, if the system passes or following any remedial work required after the test, a certificate is issued noting the key readings recorded and the date and time of the test for the landlords records or for any interested third-parties such as insurers and mortgage lenders.

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