A radiator prior to a powerflush

Estuary Technical Solutions can powerflush your central heating system to restore it to optimum efficiency, saving you money on your gas bill or potentially thousands of pounds and the hassle of replacing your existing central heating system and boiler.

A powerflush is essentially a deep-cleaning process that removes the sludge, rust and debris that can become deposited in your central heating system over time and, in extreme cases, can severely reduce the efficiency of your heating system.

Like any mechanical system, your central heating system needs care and regular maintenance so think of a powerflush as being similar to a the annual vehicle service you'd arrange for your car.

There are a variety of tell-tale signs to look for before deciding to book a powerflush. These include: cold sections on radiators, excessive noise from the boiler or the heating system pump, discoloured water when you bleed the radiators and the slow warming of the heating system.

The powerflush process takes around six hours to complete, is clean and safe and can quickly eliminate cold radiators and noisy boilers and pumps.

When performing a powerflush, our team of qualified engineers connect a powerful pressure pump to your central heating system and, when used with professional cleaning agents, clean and flush out anything that shouldn't be in your system. This process works through your entire system, restoring it to optimum condition and efficiency and even eliminating nuisance noise from your boiler and pipework. We can even powerflush most microbore systems.

As general guide we advise that a full powerflush will take around six hours to complete. This is a rough estimate though as some badly affected heating systems will require more time whilst others may be finished quicker.

When carried out by an Estuary Technical Solutions engineer the process is clean and safe and can quickly eliminate cold radiators and noisy boilers and pumps.

When installing a new boiler, Estuary Technical Solutions will always carry out a full system power flush in preference to a chemical clean to ensure that the system is correctly cleaned and all sludge and contaminants are removed.

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